What is CAMX?
CAMX is an open, free to use, plug-and-play, standardized method of exchanging manufacturing data among equipment and applications over a network. It's intent is to reduce costs and simplify the exchange of data using a pre-competitive technique, so companies can focus on higher value issues.

What are the main components of CAMX?
CAMX defines a set of messages for encapsulating data, and a method (protocol) of exchanging the messages.

What is CAMX not?
CAMX does not define how machines, applications, networks or databases should be constructed. It just defines a method of communicating between entities.

Is CAMX a standard?
Yes. The standards that makeup CAMX are both American National Standardization Institute (ANSI) and IPC standards. The IPC-2501, IPC-2541, IPC-2546 and IPC-2547 standards define CAMX and can be freely downloaded.

Do I have to pay to use CAMX?
No. You do not have to pay to use the CAMX standards.

Do I have to pay to obtain the CAMX standards?
No. They can be downloaded freely from

Are the standards stable?
Yes. The standards have been fully approved.

Who developed the standards?
Dozens of companies and organizations contributed to the development of the standards.

What are the origins of the standards?
The need for a common communication method was identified through the iNEMI roadmapping process. An iNEMI consortia project was undertaken to address the needs, and the standards were developed through the IPC.

Can CAMX be used over the Internet?
Yes. CAMX was developed with the internet in mind. It can be easily used over the internet.

Does CAMX require the Internet?
No. CAMX does not require the Internet. It can be used completely within your enterprise with no Internet connectivity.

Is CAMX secure?
CAMX was designed independent of a security layer, so users are free to choose the security architecture that works best for them.

Does CAMX require a specific computer language?
No. CAMX is computer language independent.

Does CAMX require a specific operating system?
No. CAMX is operating system independent.

Does CAMX make use of any propriatary technology?
No. CAMX is completely open. No propriatary technology is required.

What technologies does CAMX use?
CAMX makes use of TCP/IP for network communication, HTTP for transport, SOAP for packaging and XML for message syntax.