CAMX Message Broker

The CAMX Message Broker is a software application that allows you to easily and inexpensively exchange XML messages amongst applications and equipment through a completely open, standards based interface. It was developed by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is the industry's first fully compliant CAMX message broker.

To meet with various technological, budgetary and resource requirements, the Message Broker can be run on a variety of hardware platforms and operating syste.


  • Robust, reliable and built from the ground up by industry leaders and researchers
  • Low cost method of exchanging messages.
  • Easy interaction
  • Open, industry standard interface means no proprietary software is required
  • Web-based interface for administration and  monitoring means no need to install specialized software
  • Simplifies your networking environment
  • Customizable solutions for corporate IT  environments
  • Messaging receipt and delivery loads distributed across one or more computers
  • Scale-up for extra performance or save money  by running on a single machine
  • Proven performance in a variety of real world and research installations
  • Guaranteed message delivery means no missed messages