CAMX Monitor

The CAMX Monitor provides a comprehensive view of activities in your factory through an intuitive web-based interface. Users can easily determine yield, throughput, work-in-process, machine states, the number of defects and a variety of other issues through the many prebuilt reports.


  • The CAMX Monitor allows you to quickly and easily determine the status of individual machines or manufacturing lines through a consistent user interface.
  • Interact with the CAMX Monitor through it's web interface. Just point your browser to the Monitor's web address and learn about the status of your factory.
  • Pre-built graphs and reports exist for throughput, cycle time, machine states, defect data, yield and more. Plus, adding new reports to the Monitor is easy.
  • Since the CAMX Monitor makes use of CAMX technologies, installation time is typically short and the cost low.
  • Administration of the CAMX Monitor is done through the Monitor's web interface. Add and delete users, modify the menu and configure reports through your browser.
  • The CAMX Monitor allows you to limit the information viewed by users. When a user logs in, the menu automatically configures itself to the restrictions you've defined.
  • The graphs and charts automatically refresh, providing you with up-to-date data.
  • The CAMX Monitor is very efficient and can run on low cost hardware.