Delivering insights and efficiency for manufacturers

We develop custom roadmaps, solutions and software that help manufacturers:

Reduce risk for manufacturers

Reduce risk

Our proven expertise helps you avoid investing in solutions that might not be the optimal choices for your business.

Accelerate change for manufacturers

Accelerate change

Our sole focus is on solving manufacturers’ challenges. We manage projects to deliver timely results that move the needle for you.

Maximize ROI for manufacturers

Maximize ROI

We help you avoid the costly challenge of expanding headcount by supporting you with our team of experts and a defined project plan and budget. 

Ready to begin exploring how to unlock more value in your operations?

Streamline work, save time and improve your bottom line

To stay ahead of increasingly tough competitors, smart manufacturers are embracing integrated operational solutions. Applying software to digitize and connect your operations allows you to:

  • Automate labor-intensive tasks
  • Reduce errors and downtime
  • Improve productivity
  • Streamline processes
  • Enhance operational efficiency
  • Get real-time insight into operations
  • Deliver products to market faster
  • Uncover opportunities for innovation

But what manufacturing solutions are right for your business, right now? Factory Right can help you answer that question today – and stay ahead of the curve for years to come.

In today’s global economy, manufacturers need a competitive edge

Understand what’s really happening at your facilities

We deliver integrated, comprehensive views of factory activities through intuitive web-based interfaces and dashboards.

Measure and manage key performance indicators

Our solutions empower you to determine yield, throughput, work-in-process, machine states and defects.

Connect assets more effectively

We help you simplify the exchange of data among applications and equipment, yielding insights and efficiency.

What we do

Our range of services help you optimize your manufacturing operations.

Roadmaps and assessments

When trying to decide where to start, manufacturers can feel overwhelmed. Our broad experience allows us to provide an objective view of your best opportunities, delivering a plan that empowers you to take advantage of the technologies, equipment, processes and software that are right for you.

Roadmaps and assessments for manufacturing optimization
industry 4.0 factory design

Factory design services

The most successful implementations begin with the right designs. We can help you save time and money by designing process improvements, work cell enhancements and factory architectures to keep you ahead of the curve.

Manufacturing implementation services

We’re experts at applying new technologies and Industry 4.0 solutions to update existing operations and improve competitiveness. We’re ready to help you integrate solutions (including communication protocols, software, cloud services, equipment, databases and architectures). As an independent advisor, we can help you understand and appreciate the advantages and differences across options, brands and versions.

manufacturing implementation services
Custom software development for manufacturing

Custom software

It’s essential to have the right equipment – but effective software can help you take your productivity to the next level. We’re experts in developing custom software applications and integrating them into factory operations – everything from user-friendly apps that connect factory devices to holistic approaches that integrate your hardware and enterprise software, including MES or ERP.

Cloud services and integration

By reducing the cost and risk of maintaining systems locally, cloud services offer a huge potential to manufacturers. Cloud services also enable rapid software development, testing and deployment, as well as access to the most innovative technologies. We can help you determine, with confidence, the right cloud solutions for your business.

Cloud services and integration for manufacturing
Human interface design service for manufacturing

Human interface designs

Even the most automated factories rely on human input. We can help you improve reliability, efficiency and employee satisfaction by designing solutions that make life easier for your people.

How we do it

We apply our proven process to every engagement – with the goal of delivering the right solution for you, every time.

  • Assess

    We begin by understanding your specific technological, timing and budget needs. Rather than start with a preconceived idea or push a set of products, we invest time upfront to ensure we’re truly addressing your top concerns.

  • Plan

    Based on the technological assessment, we create a unique plan to meet your goals, reflecting your schedule and budget.

  • Develop

    The project plan guides our development phase to ensure we realize the goal of optimizing your manufacturing hardware and software systems.

  • Implement

    Depending on your needs, we can implement software, digital tools and technologies at your manufacturing sites or in the cloud. Our experts drive implementations that reduce risk, cost and time to completion.

How can we help you advance?

About us

Factory Right was founded in 2012 by Andrew Dugenske, a globally recognized innovator in the Internet of Things for Manufacturing (IoTfM). Our sole focus is on manufacturing.

For more than 20 years, Andrew has helped a wide array of manufacturers address their productivity challenges through software and hardware solutions. Andrew currently directs the Factory Information Systems Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and he is deeply involved in standards organizations and trade associations.

Andrew personally manages all Factory Right projects, leading project-specific, interdisciplinary teams (including, as needed, highly trained engineers, developers and designers), ensuring you consistently receive timely, expert, personal service.

Andrew Dugenske, founder of Factory Right

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